Set Up: "Catch All" Pipeline

GroupTrack CRM was originally built for Facebook™ Groups exclusively. However, in order to leverage the power of Social Media as an organic marketing tool more effectively, the tool soon expanded to include everywhere on Facebook™ (and soon to be other platforms as well). This, in turn, led to the concept of a Global Prospecting Pipeline, or "Catch All" Pipeline, where leads from anywhere across Facebook™ could be tracked in a single workflow.

The "Catch All" Pipeline is just one of many Pipelines you can create. You can also set up additional Pipelines that work anywhere, or Pipelines that are limited in scope to a specific Facebook™ Group. We'll talk more about these other Pipelines later, but for now, we'll focus on the "Catch All", Global Prospecting Pipeline.

What Is It?

The primary purpose of the "Catch All" Pipeline is for you to have a place and process for bringing leads from "Prospect" to "Group Member". 

Check out video overview that covers what the Catch All Pipeline is and how to set it up

What You Get

If you add anyone from the following locations, they will be added to the "Catch All" Pipeline by default:

  • News Feed
  • Profile Pages
  • Business Pages
  • Groups (whether you own them or not)
  • Events
  • Facebook™ Messenger
  • Friends List
  • Other Social Media platforms! (Coming Soon) 
  • etc...

Note: In most cases, you will have the option to choose to add Contacts directly to a different Pipeline. The "Catch All" is just the default and recommended Pipeline for tracking prospects.

How to Set It Up

  1. Go to the Manage Pipelines page by either
    • Clicking your name in the top right corner and selecting "Pipelines & Integrations",
    • Clicking "Manage Pipelines" from the main Pipelines page, or
    • Clicking "Setup Pipelines" from the "Pipelines" tab of the Setup & Training page
  2. Make sure the "Catch-All" Pipeline Is selected in the "Select a Pipeline" dropdown menu. 
  3. Work through the tabs on the left side of the page to complete the Pipeline configuration:
    1. General:
      • If you would like to change the name of the Pipeline, click the Edit button in the bottom right, change the name, then click Save
    2. Stages:
      • Stages are chronological steps you would take a contact through to get them from A to Z
      • Once you click on the "stages" tab you will see the "Stages, Description, and Message Templates" we've provided for you. You can edit, deleted, add, and customize these however you'd like to fit your particular business.
    3. Pipeline Tags:
      • Whereas "Stages" are chronological steps you would take a Contact through to get them from A to Z, "Tags" are "labels" with descriptive information about the person that is not related to their stage. On this tab, you'll determine if there are any Tags you'd like associated with this specific Pipeline. In other words, when you're bringing a Contact through this Pipeline, are their any labels/tags you like to assign them? 
      • To create Tags, first create a Tag Set
        • Tag Sets (a.k.a. - Tag Categories): These are containers to hold individual Tags for your Contacts, grouped by common themes
        • Tags: The Labels within that category
      • Note: If you want to create Tags at the Contact level that will be available and visible regardless of the Pipeline the Contact is in, do so on the Global Tags page.

    4. Message Templates
      • Message Templates are pre-written messages you can send to Contacts via Messenger. They allow for token replacement (i.e. using the Contact's name in the message) and random variation to prevent getting in trouble for sending the exact same message over and over.
      • On this tab you may edit, delete or create new templates.
    5. Integrations:
      • Pipeline Integrations allow you to synchronize GroupTrack contact data with external systems when certain conditions are met.
      • We currently have direct integrations with a number of 3rd party email automation platforms, as well as Google Sheets and Webhooks
      • List of current integrations: 
        • These CRMs/Email Marketing Platforms have a two way sync with GroupTrack. That means what when you do something in GroupTrack (eg: add tag, move stage, etc) that change will occur in the 3rd party tool as well. All changes in 3rd party tool will also sync back over to GroupTrack too! This is the most robust option. 
          • Coach Marketing Machine: The All In One Platform for Coaches. The first ever all-in-one platform for coaches and business consultants that gives you the tools, strategies and support you need to succeed. Attract more leads, convert more clients and deliver your coaching.
          • Wellness CRM: This is a built-for-your marketing platform for wellness advocates
          • ActiveCampaign 
          • Go High Level 
        • These direct integrations are a one way sync. Meaning GroupTrack CRM can push changes to them but not the other way around. 
          • Google Sheets
          • Kartra 
          • ConvertKit 
          • Streak CRM for Gmail 
          • Webhooks
        • If you want to integrate this Pipeline with a 3rd party tool, select the one you choose and follow the steps in the set up wizard. 
        • Use a system that isn't listed? You can integrate with a Google Sheet and then use Zapier to "Zap" changes into your 3rd party tool. 
    6. Workflows:
      • Coming Soon! 
      • Pipeline Workflows will allow you to perform automated actions at the Contact level when certain Triggers occur.
      • You can optionally choose to filter each Trigger through a set of criteria and only execute the related Action if the filters are all satisfied
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