Set Up: "Prospecting Group" Pipeline

    The purpose of the Prospecting Group Pipeline is for you to have a place and process for bringing group members from "prospect' to "paying clients" 

      Check out this video overview that covers what the Prospect Group Pipeline is and how to set it up:

      Note: Contacts will ONLY be tracked in a pipeline associated with a Facebook™ Group IF you're LOOKING at the contact IN the group while adding them into GroupTrack. The best way to verify this is to hover your mouse cursor over the "i" on the sidebar before approving group members or adding contacts to ensure that the contacts will be added to your desired pipeline.


      1. Once you're in the WebApp, Click "Set Up & Training" tab on the left hand side. 

      2.You'll see the steps you need to take to set up your pipeline listed on under the "welcome." Click through each step for directions.

      3. Pipelines: This tab will explain what pipelines are and how they work with GroupTrack. Click "Set Up Pipelines," which will take you to the steps needed to set up your first pipeline. New accounts are preconfigured with a Prospect Group Pipeline, which allows you to skip the pipeline creation and jump straight to renaming your pipeline and connecting it to a group in the steps below. Make sure the "Prospect Group Pipeline" is selected in the drop down menu to begin configuring. 

    • General: 
    • Stages: Stages are chronological steps you would take a contact through to get them from A to Z.
      • Once you click on the "stages" tab, you will see the "Stages, Description, and Message Templates" we've provided for you. You can edit, deleted, add, and customize these however you'd like to fit your particular business. The Stages you installed from GroupTrack will show in yellow.
      • When you've updated your stages, descriptions, and message templates the way you'd like, click the next tab in the left side menu to move on to tags.
    • Pipeline Tags: 
    • Message Templates: Here you will see the message templates we gave you with the Basic Group Pipeline and can edit, delete, and create new templates for this pipeline.
    • Integrations: If you want to integrate this pipeline with a 3rd party tool, select the one you choose and follow the steps in the set up wizard. 
    • Workflows: Coming Soon!
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