Add Contacts to the Prospecting Group Pipeline

There are a few ways you can add and track someone in a Group-Connected Pipeline like the one you just set up:

  • Approving new members into the Group + Pipeline with GroupTrack (captures membership questions)
  • Adding existing members to the Pipeline (does not capture membership questions)
  • Work the group members through the rinse and repeat stages of the Prospecting Group Pipeline

To Approve New Members In:

1. Go to your Facebook group and then open the member request page to see pending join requests for your group

2. Hover over the green "i" on the sidebar to ensure that GroupTrack is properly detecting the group and the pipeline connection. If you do not see the proper group-attached pipeline, refresh the page and try again.

Note: Approving in your contacts without verifying that the correct pipeline is showing can result in contacts being added to the wrong pipeline. You can use a bulk action to add them back to the correct pipeline, but their membership questions will be added to the pipeline they are approved into originally and cannot be automatically switched (manual copy/pasting of questions between the pipelines will be required).

3. You can either approve and add your contacts in bulk by clicking "Approve All and Add to GT" at the top, or individually by clicking the "Approve and Add to GT" button next to each contact:

To bulk add existing group members:

1. Open your Group on Facebook and go the Members page

2. Use the options in the GroupTrack box that pops up to either Add Visible Members (those visible on the current page only) or Add ALL Members (all members, including those that would be found by scrolling down the page)

Note: Larger groups will take longer to run, potentially up to a few hours for massive groups with thousands or more members. Also, GroupTrack will add all members listed on the page, including contacts who show in the invited or banned lists. Please update your contacts' stages appropriately after adding them to your CRM.

Tip: If you have approved members in without the use of GroupTrack in the past, you can manually retrieve old membership questions and manually copy/paste them into your CRM using the instructions here

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