Integration Sync Tags

When creating Integrations with a system that supports 2-way syncing of Tags, you will have an option during the setup process to pick the Tags you want to sync.
However, you might later decide to sync other new Tags or ones that already exist in the other system but were not chosen at setup.
This article walks you through adding new 2-way Synced Tags with supported Integrations.

If you want to REMOVE a synced Tag, you can simply remove it from the "{Integration} Tags" synced Tag Set on the "Pipeline Tags" tab of the Manage Pipelines page.

If you want to ADD a synced Tag, do not add new Tags to the "{Integration} Tags" synced Tag Sets. Instead, take these steps:

  1. Ensure that the new Tag you want to add exists in the integrated system first
  2. Go to the Integrations Tab of the appropriate Pipeline
  3. Click the green "Sync Tags (step 1 of 2)" button in the Existing Integration panel
  4. If there are un-synced Tags, they will show up in an "Available Tags" column
  5. Pick the Tags you want to include and click the "Add" button to move them to the "Selected Tags" column
  6. Click "Add Selected Tags (step 2 of 2)"

The selected Tags will be added to the "{Integration} Tags" Pipeline Tag Set and be available for 2-way use in GroupTrack and the 3rd party system!

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