Set Up: Auto Add Tags Based on Membership Questions


You will NOT find this feature on ANY other Facebook automation Chrome Extension platform out there (our "competitors").
You can now have specific Pipeline-level Tags applied to Contacts as you Approve them to your Group, based on keywords in the answers to the Questions you ask!
Yes, it's true. And yes, it's amazing.
This feature is limited to Premier and Pro users, so if you've been considering an upgrade, now might be the time to go for it!

Here is a brief overview of how it works: Overview


Before you begin creating Auto Tags, there are a few things you will want to have in place:

  1. Set Up Your Facebook Questions. We recommend having the LAST question ask them for their email. Please note, if they do not provide their email, GroupTrack cannot sync them to your 3rd Party Email System.
  2. Connect Group to Pipeline of choice (recommended: Prospecting Group Pipeline)
  3. Create GroupTrack pipeline tags based on the answers to your membership questions in your Facebook group so that those tags will AUTO apply upon approval to the group.
    1. We recommend using the Prospecting Group Pipeline template. You will see there will be two tag sets you can use for this (Membership Question 1 and Membership Question 2). Type in those boxes to create the tags that match the answers to your membership questions
      1. Example: My first membership question is "How would you like to get started in this group" and the checkbox choices for answers are "book a call", "free training", "complimentary support". I will find the tag set "Membership Question 1" and type in that box "book a call" (hit enter) then type "free training" (hit enter) then type "comp support" (hit enter) to create those three tags in that tag set.


To set up your pipeline auto tags for a group-attached pipeline:
  1. Open the web app at
  2. Click Setup in the left-side menu and then select Pipelines.
  3. From the "manage pipelines" page, select your group attached pipeline from the drop down menu and click on the tab "General". Ensure the pipeline is connected to a Facebook™ Group.
  4. On the right hand side, click "+ New Keyword" 
  5. Type in the keyword you want to use: this should match the first answer from your first membership question in your group (you can copy and paste the entire answer as a keyword to avoid confusion)
    1. In the example given above, I would copy the first answer to my first membership question here: "book a call"
  6. Click the box that says Add Pipeline Tag(s)
  7. Find the tag set for your membership questions and select the tag you want GroupTrack to apply when someone answers your membership question.
    1. In the example given above, I would select the tag that I had created in the tag set "Membership Question 1" called "book a call"
  8. Click the green "Save" button
  9. Under the box that now says "Edit Pipeline Tag(s)", click the word "back"
  10. Repeat this process for all of your tags/membership questions

Please Note: Only GroupTrack pipeline tags can be used at this time for auto-tagging. Third party integration tags are not yet configured to work with auto tags, but will be coming soon!

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