Link Snippet to Stage

To create a NEW pipeline template linked to a stage:

Start by going to the Pipelines tab in the left-side menu and then clicking the green "Manage Pipelines" button in the top right.

Start by switching to your desired pipeline by using the drop down, and then click "Stages" as pictured below:

Then, in the stage you would like to have a linked snippet, click the blue "Create or Link a Template" button:

Follow the prompts to create your new snippet template. Once your new snippet template has been created, you can always edit it by clicking the dropdown arrow next to your template name as picture below:

Once your template has been linked to your desired stage, you can now add contacts to that stage and will be automatically prompted if you want to send the snippet or not as pictured below:

If you click Yes, your linked snippet template will populate into the Message section of the contact. Be sure to click "Send Message" once you have reviewed your snippet. 

To link a pre-existing pipeline snippet to a stage:

1. Open your Pipelines and Integrations menu as above and choose your pipeline 

2. Click Message Templates

3. Locate the Template you want to link to a stage and click the expander arrow to open the editing menu

4. Turn on the toggle for "Do you want to link this Template to a Stage in this Pipeline" and then select your chosen stage to attach the template

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