Run the Console When Recording a Loom

If the Helpdesk asks you to run the console while recording a Loom to assist in troubleshooting an issue with GroupTrack, please follow the steps below:

When you are creating your loom video, please make sure you are sharing your entire screen so that we can see all the windows and information on the screen

1. Navigate to the page where you are experiencing the issue (for example, your Facebook profile, Group, or Business page). Right click on any open space to open up the Chrome menu. Click Inspect at the bottom of the menu:

2. This will open a sidebar, usually on the right side of your screen, with a lot of technical code. At the top, please click Console.
3. Then, with your Loom recording (if it isn't already), try completing the action that is giving you issues so we can see what is happening in the console box when you attempt that action.

4. Once you have completed recording, copy the link to your video into your email to [email protected] so we can help you!

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