Sending a Message Opens a Tab But Doesn't Process Anything

When you try to queue or send a message from within GroupTrack, a Messenger tab should open with a popup about automations that looks like this:

If the Message tab opens but doesn't do anything, or the contact sits spinning like this (see below), it usually means that GroupTrack does not have permissions to access the site or make changes on the page.

In order to turn on access and fix the message issue, you will need to give GroupTrack permission to access Facebook and its associated sites. Within Chrome, start by clicking the puzzle piece and then "Manage Extensions."

With the extensions page open, find GroupTrack in the list and click the "Details" button.

Ensure the "Site Access" is turned on for all Facebook related sites. 

Once access has been turned on, close the extension page, refresh your GroupTrack window and try your activity again. If it still doesn't work, please record a Loom of what is happening and send to [email protected] for troubleshooting assistance. 

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