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Add a licensed Seat and assign a User


   "first": <string>, // user's first name
   "last": <string>, // user's last name
   "email": <string>, // user's email address
   "errorNotifyURL": <string>, // URL to send errors to (optional)
   "pipelines": [
         "name": <string>, // pipeline name 
         "key": <string> // pipeline key
         // ... additional Pipelines
   "platforms": [
         "platform": <string>, // "fb" or "ig"
         "tier": <string>, // "basic", "premier" or "pro"
         // ... additional Platforms

API Authentication

To authenticate your request and map it to your account, you will need to provide an API Key as a custom HTTP header. The required authentication header key is " gt-token". Your API Key will be visible in the Reseller Portal on the Settings page. 

You can refresh this API Key at any time to invalidate the current Key and generate a new one.


If the system you are sending the request from cannot parse responses, you can choose to provide an "errorNotifyURL" value. GroupTrack will send error details to this URL if encountered, and respond to the sending system with a 200 "ack".

Only send one "platform"/"tier" combination per social platform in the "platforms" node.

Currently, Instagram only supports the "basic" tier. Any other value passed will be treated as "basic" until other options are available.

A reference array containing all options for the "pipelines" property can be found in the Reseller Portal on the Settings page.

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