Set Up: Customize Stages

Customizing stages is easy! You can change the color and text of your stages, or put them in a different order.

1. Start by clicking your name in the top right corner, and then select Pipelines and Integrations.

2. Select the pipeline that you wish to configure stages for, and then click Stages in the menu that opens.

3. Adjust your stages as desired.

To change the color of your stage, click on the round color icon and select a new color for your stage:

Link to instructions:

To reorder your stages, click the crosshair to the right of the stage and drag it to your desired location:

Link to instructions:

To delete a stage, click the trashcan next to the stage you wish to delete. 

Note: You will get a notification if you try to delete a stage that contains contacts and will not be able to delete the stage until the contacts contained within it are relocated to a different stage, as pictured below:

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