Set Up: Integrations with GroupTrack + 3rd Party System

Each Integration setup is associated with a specific Pipeline. You can set up multiple Integrations systems for each Pipeline, but each system can only be added once per Pipeline.

You can add an integration to a particular pipeline by clicking on Manage Pipelines while in the Pipeline view:

Next, use the dropdown selector to choose the Pipeline you want to integrate with:

Once you have your pipeline selected, click on Integrations in the menu bar on the left:

In the Integrations setup screen, click the green button that says "Add New Integration" and follow the setup wizard to select your platform and setup your integration:

You can click the link that says "Information about this Integration" for any selection to get more detail about what you need, where to find it, and what all can be configured to sync.

When you have finished setting up your Integration, it will appear with all of the details you provided and options to edit or delete. There is also an option to "Run Full Sync" for existing Integrations. This will queue up all of the contacts within the current Group to be synchronized to that integration partner as if you just added them to GroupTrack.

Once set up, here is an example of how that "process flow" will operate. 

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