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What do we need from you?

To set up syncing with Kartra, you will need to provide your API Key and API Password. Both of these can be located within Kartra under "My Integrations -> API -> My API" under the "Inbound API" section.

How does this work?

After providing your API Key and Password, you will need to choose which List to assign Leads coming from GroupTrack to. This will most likely be a new List so you can track them separately, but could also be an existing list. We recommend using a new List, and setting up an Automation to put new Leads from this List into additional Lists or Sequences.

Also, as a convenience, GroupTrack will update the Facebook Profile URL for every Lead, along with a new Custom Field called "GroupTrack-CRM-Link", which is a link back to the person's profile page in GroupTrack. If your Kartra account doesn't already have a Custom Field by this name, you will be prompted to allow it to be created automatically.

Options for what gets synced

Group Additions: When Members are added to GroupTrack with an Email Address (from the Group Join Request Questions), they will be synced to Kartra as new Leads.

The following fields will be synced: First & Last Name, Phone Number (if available), Email Address, a link to Facebook Profile and a Custom Field linking back to the GroupTrack CRM profile.

Contact Tags: Tags in GroupTrack will be synced with Kartra.

Contact Info: Updating Member email/phone info in GroupTrack will sync over to Kartra. If you update the email address, the new email address cannot already be associated with a Kartra Lead. If it is, the sync will fail silently.

Note: If you have manually added Members to GroupTrack, they will most likely not have email addresses to begin with (unless they were already linked to other Groups and did have an email already configured). In this case, the Member will NOT be automatically synced over to Kartra until you update the email address field the first time.

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