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What do we need from you?

To set up syncing with Streak, you will need to provide your API Key. To get this, go to the Integrations page within Streak and create a new key to use here.

How does this work?

In the next step you will pick a Streak Pipeline to push GroupTrack updates to. Each GroupTrack Group can only be synced with a single Streak Pipeline. You may sync multiple GroupTrack Groups to the same Streak Pipeline if that suits your use case.

Next, you will see the Stages currently set up in Streak for the selected Pipeline. If you would like, you can copy the Stages from Streak to GroupTrack. This is a one-time action and will remove any existing Stages configured in GroupTrack with the Stages from Streak.

Any Tag fields from Streak can be imported as Tag Sets into GroupTrack and set to 2-way sync. This will bring over both the name of the field along with any options already configured in Streak.

Any non-Tag fields from Streak can be added to GroupTrack as 2-way synced fields. Custom Fields you select here will show up in each Member's Profile for this Group.

If you choose to only sync Members with email addresses, once a Member has an email address present in GroupTrack that Member will be added to or updated in Streak as changes are made in GroupTrack. If no Box/Contact exists for the Member, one will be created in the selected Pipeline.

If you do NOT choose to only sync Members with email addresses, everytime a Member is added or updated in GroupTrack, it will be pushed to Streak. Contacts with email addresses will use that email to check for existing contacts in Streak, but for contacts without email addresses, GroupTrack requires a Custom Box Field called “FB Username” to store and lookup the Facebook username of the Contact. Since this field and username data may not exist on your current Boxes, this option may result in duplicate Boxes and Contacts in Streak. If this happens, you will have to manually copy any relevant data from one duplicate to the other (or link the boxes in Streak), make sure the “FB Username” field is set correctly, and delete the duplicate.

Options for what gets synced

Group Additions: When Members are added to GroupTrack, they will be synced to Streak

Stages: Optionally synced one time when setting up the Integration

If you choose to keep Stages in sync, Stage changes in GroupTrack or Streak will sync to the other system automatically

Tags: Any Tag Fields you choose to sync will update in the other system as they are changed

Box Comments: Notes and Saved Posts added to GroupTrack will sync to Streak as Box Comments

Contacts: Members from GroupTrack will create new Contacts in Streak. New Contacts will contain Member First & Last Name, Email & Phone (if provided) and Facebook Username.

Updating Member email/phone info in GroupTrack will sync over to Streak

Tasks: Tasks created in GroupTrack will generate Tasks in Streak. Completing Tasks in GroupTrack will mark them as Complete in Streak

Box Fields: Tag Sets that match existing Tag Fields in Streak will be synced

Custom Fields selected to sync will update in the other system automatically

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