Checking for errors

If the Web App or Extension is not working correctly for you, it is often necessary for us to understand if there are errors happening locally in your web browser in order to diagnose the source of the issue.

While we can always coordinate a time for someone on our team to join you on Zoom and do a screen sharing session to troubleshoot, it is almost certainly faster for you to first follow the steps below to check for and provide any errors to us so we can potentially identify the problem without even needing to meet.

As a note, we highly recommend using to screen-record a video as you walk through these steps so you don't have to try to take screenshots of errors as they scroll past in the window.

  1. Right-click anywhere on the page
  2. Choose "Inspect" from the menu that appears
  3. Either a whole new window, or an attached side or bottom panel in the current page, will appear. This may look technical and overwhelming to you but DON'T PANIC.
  4. Along the top of this window, you will see tabs named "Elements", "Console", "Sources", etc. Click the "Console" tab
  5. Near the top, you will see a "Filters" box, followed by a dropdown that should be set to "Default levels". This could also read "Custom levels" or something else if you've adjusted this setting before. Click this dropdown list to expand it.
  6. Uncheck everything except "Errors". You will have to click the dropdown again to check or uncheck multiple items.
  7. Click the "Clear Console" button to get a fresh start and remove any previous logging that may not be related to your issue.
  8. Either reload the page, or attempt to do the action that was not working again. Hopefully, some red error messages will appear in the Console window. 
    1. If you are not using Loom, right-click anywhere in the Console and select "Save As". Name the file something like "GroupTrack Error Log" and save it.
    2. If you are recording a Loom, simply allow the screen recording to continue for a few seconds to capture any errors on the page. You do not need to attach the log file if you are recording a Loom.
  9. To send your Loom or log file, please email [email protected] and be sure to attach the file or recording link before sending.

That's it! You are now a level 10 cyber wizard :-). We know this may seem like a lot. If encouragement is what you need, we are rooting for you and know you can do it! 

However, if you'd rather us do the techno wizardry for you, we totally understand that too. 

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