What are Messenger Status Labels?

Messenger Status Labels are color-coded status options you can apply to a Contact in Messenger. These function like a mix between a Tag Set and a Stage, where a Contact can only have a single Status Label applied at a given time, and it is visible at a glance looking through the Conversation list in Messenger.

To configure the Messenger Status Labels, go to your Messages page in the navigation bar on the left.

Click the "General" tab at the top and scroll down a little to see the section labeled  "Set up Messaging Status Labels". 

When you first visit this page, your account will be set up with 4 default Labels:

  • "No Status Set" (gray)
  • "All Good" (green)
  • "Pending Response" (yellow)
  • "Needs Help" (red)

You can edit, add, remove, and reorder these options as needed using the icons to the right of each label.

Adjust the color of the Label by clicking the colored circle to the left.

If you add a new label, the color defaults to white. You will need to click the white circle to set an initial color.

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