Compliance & Security

First, your data is securely stored in our cloud servers and is encrypted both in transit and at rest. All data for your team is isolated at a root level from the data of all other teams, so there is no way to access data from another team accidentally or purposefully. Your data is never sold to anyone or shared with any 3rd party without your explicit consent (as in the case of 3rd party integrations you configure). Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on our data security policies.

Second, we are sometimes asked if GroupTrack CRM violates any social media platform’s terms of service. In short, we will not integrate with any social media platform in a way that violates their terms. While the GroupTrack CRM app and extension are not officially endorsed or approved by any social media platform, we do obtain approvals for whatever parts of our interaction with those platforms can or need to be approved. You can safely use our platform so long as you do so in keeping with our  Terms of Service. For a more detailed explanation, please see the list of platforms we integrate with below.

Facebook™: We utilize Facebook™’s Social Login button for access to our app. Our use of this button and its API is fully approved by Facebook™ through our Developer Account and App Profile. We are a Verified Business with Facebook™ and conduct annual Data Use Checkups to ensure our account remains in good standing.

Regarding terms of service, there are 3 documents that work together to outline the rules and limitations of the relationship between you as a User of our app and us as a “Tech Provider”:

  1. Terms of Service: Section 2.3 of this document states that you are not allowed to collect data using “automated means”, and that you may not access data you don’t have permission to access. Obviously, you DO have permission to access whatever you can see on, so there’s no issue there. Also, GroupTrack does NOT engage in “automated data collection”, as defined in…
  2. Automated Data Collection Terms: …this document. This is specifically addressing “harvesting bots, robots, spiders or scrapers” that are designed to collect as much data as possible from websites for use in search engine indexing or online directory listing. This is not something GroupTrack engages in at all. Our extension only accesses specific pieces of information from the website that you manually direct it to.
  3. Facebook™ Platform Terms: This document contains the terms that we as a “Tech Provider” adhere to in the handling of your data in connection to our App. Specifically, Section 5.b states that we will only use and process your data “on behalf of and at the direction of [our] Client on whose behalf [we] access it” for the purpose you intend and agree that we should use it, and not for our own purposes. Our terms of service with you ensure that you are using our platform in ways that also adhere to Facebook™’s standards, and your acceptance of those terms are recorded in accordance with Facebook™’s requirements for us to do so.
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