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In this article, learn how to create and edit Message Templates.

Message Templates are pre-written messages you can send to Contacts. They include variations and replacement tokens to ensure the messages are unique and personalized when used.

There are three sections you can use to write your Message Templates. 

  • Greeting (optional): This section is where you'll add a few "opening comments" to break the ice. Examples include: Hi! How are you? Howdy, etc!
  • Message (required): This section is where you'll put the main body of the message. This portion will depend on the purpose of your message. 
  • Closer (optional): This section is where you'll put your salutation or sign-off.

To create the Message Template, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click "Add New Template" and provide a name
  2. Begin creating your Greeting, Message and Closer variations

    • Message Templates are comprised of 3  Segments: a Greeting, a Message and a Closer. Only the Message Segment is required.
    • Each  Segment can have one or more  Message Blocks. Each Message Block within a Segment should say roughly the same thing, just in a different way. GroupTrack will combine one random Message Block from each Segment when it composes the final Message.
      Each  Message Block can contain any amount of  TextReplacement Tokens, and/or  Spin Groups. See below for details on these content types.
      Finally, you can choose to separate the Greeting, Message and Closer Segments with a blank space by toggling that option in the settings for each Template.

      Message Blocks can contain any valid text content. You can copy/paste emoji's into your content, or use standard character combinations like ":-)" to represent emojis.
      Create new lines within your message blocks by holding the Shift key and pressing Enter.

      Replacement Tokens
      The following tokens in a Message Template will automatically be replaced at the time the message is generated:
      {name} = Full Name,  {first} = First Name,  {last} = Last Name,  {email} = Email,  {phone} = Phone

      Spin Groups
      You can also create "Spin Groups" within the content of any chunk of text. To do so, open a curly bracket, enter the words or phrases you want to "spin", separated by a pipe character ("|"). Close the block with a closing curly brace. GroupTrack will pick one random option from the list when using the Template. For example:
      {Hello|Hi|What's up}{Bye|Talk soon}

  3. Create several variations of your Greeting (optional)
  4. Create several variations of your Message
  5. Create several variations of your Closer (optional)

For more information on Global vs. Pipeline Connected Message Templates, and How to Create and Send Message Templates, click here

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