Training: Figure out who is still in your Facebook Group

Need a way to figure out who’s still in your group?
  1. First, create a new empty Pipeline. 
  2. From your Group Members page, use the Add All Members option, and pick this new Pipeline. It'll go through and make sure all current members are in that Pipeline (in addition to others they are already in if they already exist in the CRM).
  3. From the web app, create a dummy Global Tag called "Currently In Group" (or whatever you want, just make sure it's new and not in use yet).
  4. Filter to the new Pipeline you created, and do a bulk action to add the "Currently In Group" Global Tag to all contacts in that Pipeline.
  5. Now switch to your real original Group-connected Pipeline. Filter for anyone in that Pipeline who does NOT have the "Currently In Group" Global Tag. That'll be your list of people who have left the Group! You can remove them from the Pipeline, Tag them, or delete them in bulk from there.

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