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In this article, we'll walk you through getting Google Sheets connected with GroupTrack CRM.

What do we need from you?

To set up syncing with a Google Sheet, you will need to provide the URL to an existing blank Sheet. You will also need to authenticate your Google account and allow GroupTrack to access and read/write to your Google Sheets. GroupTrack will only ever access and modify the specific Sheet you provide.

How does this work?

Your first step is to provide the URL of a Sheet you want GroupTrack to sync to. Each GroupTrack Group can only be synced with a single Google Sheet. However, you may sync multiple GroupTrack Groups to the same Google Sheet if that suits your use case.

If you choose to only sync Members with email addresses, once a Member has an email address present in GroupTrack that Member will be added to or updated in the Google Sheet as changes are made in GroupTrack.

If you do NOT choose to only sync Members with email addresses, everytime a Member is added or updated in GroupTrack, it will be synced with your Google Sheet. GroupTrack uses the Member's Facebook Username as the primary key in the Google Sheet to identify existing rows to be updated.

Options for what gets synced

Group Additions: When Members are added to GroupTrack, they will be synced to your Sheet. If Members are added via the Group Request Approval page, and they answered questions, the answers to those questions will also sync. The answers will appear in new columns that are titled by the actual question. If you change your questions in the future, or are syncing multiple Groups to the same Sheet, new columns will be created to contain the new question/answers automatically.

Stages: Stage changes in GroupTrack will sync to your Sheet.

Tags: All Tags for a Member will be added to your Sheet as a comma-separated list.

Contact Info: Updating Member email/phone info in GroupTrack will sync over to your Sheet

Please note that saved comments, manual activity log notes, etc will NOT export.

How to set it up

  1. Start by creating a blank Google Sheet within your Google account. Be sure to set permissions to allow GroupTrack Editor Access

  1. Go to the Pipeline you want to add the Integration to. Integrations are configured independently for each Pipeline
  1. Click on the "Integrations" tab on the left and then click either "Add Your First Integration", or "Add New Integration" to begin adding a new Integration
  1. Pick Google Sheets from the dropdown list
  1. Paste in the link to your blank Sheet
  1. Select whether you want all contacts to sync or only contacts with email addresses
  1. Select from the checkboxes when you would like your Sheet to sync based on your personal preferences

  1. Allow GroupTrack to make changes by clicking "Continue"

  1. Wait for authorization to complete and then press Continue

  1. If you have existing contacts whom you would like to sync over, complete an action (specifically one that you had checkmarked as a sync trigger) on your contacts in that pipeline, such as a bulk add of a temp tag (such as "Add to Sheets") or setting a stage.
  2. GroupTrack will automatically populate the headers for the Sheet. Please be sure NOT to make any modifications to these headers, including renaming them or applying formatting, as that will interfere with GroupTrack's ability to call those columns to enter information.

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