Troubleshoot: Messenger Failed to Load the Correct Contact

Generally this error is caused by one of 3 things:

  • There is old data stuck in the GroupTrack cache. This is resolved easily with a Cache Clear (Troubleshoot: Clear Cache)
  • The same account is not being used to sign into both the webapp and the extension
  • There is an additional extension, generally an ad-blocker or an anti-virus software, running that blocks / interferes with GroupTrack's ability to open and send the messages

Please verify that you are signing into both sections of the tool using the same account credentials and same login method, and then try running your FB + GT in an incognito mode following the instructions linked here to rule out any interference from other extensions: Troubleshoot: Incognito Mode

If you have completed all of the above and are still getting this error, please submit a ticket to [email protected] with a few examples of contacts (the names and URLs of a handful of contacts from your CRM) that are having this problem so we can check those contacts for missing data that uniquely identifies the contact and may be missing. Be sure to include that you are logged into both halves of the tool with the same login, that you've cleared your cache, and that you already tried incognito.

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