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In this article, we'll walk you through getting LeadConnector connected with GroupTrack CRM. Our LeadConnector Integration features 2-way syncing of both Tags and Stages, allowing updates in either system to be reflected in the other automatically.

Note: You can create Triggers & Workflows in LeadConnector that trigger on tag adds/removes or stage changes in GT/ connected pipeline.

Important Knowledge Before You Get Started:

  • Each Integration setup is associated with a specific Pipeline in GroupTrack that is linked to 1 and only 1 pipeline in LeadConnector.
  • You can set up multiple 3rd party Integration for each GroupTrack Pipeline, but each system can only be added once per GroupTrack Pipeline.
  • You will also need to have a Pipeline with Stages set up in LeadConnector for new Subscribers to be assigned to when synced. Pipelines in LeadConnector contain Stages, and Contacts are assigned to Opportunities within these Pipelines and moved through these Stages.
    • If you have a contact in GT that is in "No Stage Set" in your pipeline with an email address, and the integration is properly configured, the contact will sync over to LC however there will not be an opportunity created until the contact is assigned to a stage.

Options for what gets synced

Group Additions: When Members are added to GroupTrack, they will be synced to LeadConnector

Info Updates: When you edit a Member's email or phone number, a sync will be initiated to LeadConnector. This will only apply to new email address additions (see note below).

Tags (2-way): When you add Tags from the "LeadConnector Tags" Tag Set, these will be synchronized over to LeadConnector. Also, when you add Tags in LeadConnector, any Tags that you have selected to sync will be written back to GroupTrack for that Contact.

Stages (2-way): Assuming you have imported your LeadConnector Stages, changing the Stage in GroupTrack, or the Opportunity Stage in LeadConnector will sync the change to the other system.

Do It The GroupTrack Way:

Part 1 - Prep Your LeadConnector System:

Coming Soon! Step by step instructions for how to set up your LC system to exactly match the systems we teach in GroupTrack.

Part 2 - Integrate Your LC with GroupTrack Following the Wizard:

  1. Start by visiting
  2. Use the dropdown selector to choose the Pipeline you want to integrate with
  3. Once you have your pipeline selected, click on Integrations in the menu bar on the left
  4. In the Integrations setup screen, click the green button that says "Add New Integration"
  5. Choose LeadConnector in the dropdown list
    1. Please Note: You can click the link that says "Information about this Integration" for any selection to get more detail about what you need, where to find it, and what all can be configured to sync for that integration platform.
  6. Paste in your LeadConnector API Key from Part 1 above
  7. Paste in your LeadConnector Dashboard URL from your LC system as pictured below
  8. Select the data you want to sync over, including Stages and Tags, from LC into GT
    1. Please note: Any stages that match letter for letter will be merged together between LC + GT. You won't lose any data within GT, it is just recognizing that there is a direct match in your LC system that corresponds to this GT stage. Any additional stages that do not match from LC will be added to the end of your GT pipeline stage list.

Part 3 - Setup Your LC Webhooks:

  1. Copy your Webhook URL from your GroupTrack Pipeline Integration menu
  2. Create a folder in your LC Workflows called GroupTrack Webhook Workflows
  3. Within that folder, create a new workflow from scratch
    1. Add a new trigger where the trigger is "Contact Tag" and then click Save Trigger in the lower right
    2. Add a second trigger where the trigger is "Pipeline Stage Changed" and then Save Trigger
      1. Make sure you click "Add Filter" for the Pipeline Stage Changed Trigger and select "In Pipeline". Pick the Pipeline this Workflow is configured to sync with from the list.
      2. Please Note: any tags or stages that have not been configured to sync over to GroupTrack in Part 2 in your integration settings will not push over to GroupTrack through this process
    3. Add a third trigger where the trigger is "Opportunity Created" and then Save Trigger
      1. Again, make sure you click "Add Filter" -> "In Pipeline" -> pick the synced Pipeline.
    4. Click the "+" sign and choose to add the action "Webhook" (Not "Custom Webhook")
      1. Set the method to POST and paste in the Webhook URL that you copied from Step 1
      2. Click "Save Action" in the lower right corner
    5. Click Settings near the top and toggle "Allow re-entry" at the top to ON
      1. Note: This allows a contact to go through this workflow multiple times, aka allowing the contact to be synced each time a new trigger (stage change or tag change) is processed in the future
    6. At the top, click the name and rename your workflow to something that makes sense to you. We recommend something like "GroupTrack Tag and Stage Sync"
    7. Toggle the workflow from "Draft" to "Publish" in the top right corner and then click Save
  4. Return to your GT Integration page for your pipeline and "Run Full Sync"

Setup Check

Did you do it right? Here's how you can do a quick check to ensure you set up the integration successfully.

  1. Integrated Tag Set Check
    1. Go to 'Pipeline Tags' and ensure you see the selected synced tags in the integrated tag set called 'LeadConnector Tags' (with the link image to the right of the tag set name).

  2. Integrated Stages Check
    1. Go to 'Stages' and ensure you see the link icon to the left of the stages that you want to be integrated with LeadConnector.

  1. Opportunity Sync Check
    1. Now select a contact in your GroupTrack with an email and add them to the integrated pipeline.
    2. Put them into one of the integrated stages in GroupTrack.
    3. Go to LeadConnector and make sure you see contact in LeadConnector has an opportunity in the integrated pipeline and the opportunity is in the associated synced stage.

Do It Your Way: (Advanced)

This assumes you already have a proven system you are working with in LC.

Part 1 - Prep Your LC System:

Coming Soon! Tips for how to ensure your already-proven LC processes and setup will work optimally with GroupTrack CRM. Leverage your strategy within our tool.

Part 2 and 3 - Integrating Your Systems and Setting Up the Webhooks:

Follow the same steps as above, Do It The GroupTrack Way.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. If your "GroupTrack CRM Link Custom Field Exists" has an X instead of a checkmark, please reference the article here:
  2. If you have added new stages (or changed stages) in LC and want those to reflect in GT, please reference the article here:
  3. If you are having trouble setting up your integration or are receiving any errors, please send a ticket to [email protected] with a Loom ( screen recording) showing what's happening, what step of the instructions you're on, what error(s) you're receiving, etc so we can assist.
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