"GroupTrack CRM Link" Custom Field Does Not Exist Or Isn't Populating

If you are finding that your "GroupTrack CRM Link" custom field doesn't exist or isn't populating in your third party system, such as GHL, please view your integration setup page for your pipeline in GroupTrack.

  1. Visit https://app.grouptrackcrm.com/pipelines/setup (or by navigating to Setup —> Pipelines in your left-side menu in your GroupTrack webapp)
  2. Select your desired / integrated pipeline, and then open the Integration menu for that pipeline
  3. Click the dropdown arrow next to "Active" to expand the integration configuration panel and look to see if the GroupTrack Custom Field Exists option has an "X" or a checkmark
    1. Most likely, you will see an X
  4. If so, click "Edit Integration" and then click the button below to Update the Custom Field
  5. Once the Custom Field has been updated, click "Save Changes" at the bottom
  6. Return to your GT Integration page for your pipeline and "Run Full Sync"

  7. Wait a few minutes for the sync to run and then refresh your 3rd party system.

If you are still experiencing problems, please submit a ticket to [email protected] with a Loom (loom.com screen recording) showing what's happening in both your GT and 3rd party system, as well as several examples of contacts where you are seeing missing data.

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