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In this article, we'll walk you through getting GoHighLevel connected with GroupTrack CRM. Our GoHighLevel Integration features 2-way syncing of both Tags and Stages, allowing updates in either system to be reflected in the other automatically.

Note: You can create Workflows in GoHighLevel that trigger on tag adds/removes or stage changes in GT/GHL connected pipeline.

Important: Only contacts that have an email or phone in GT will sync between the two systems.

Important Knowledge Before You Get Started:

  • Each Integration setup is associated with a specific Pipeline in GroupTrack that is linked to 1 and only 1 pipeline in Go High Level.
  • You can set up multiple 3rd party Integration for each GroupTrack Pipeline, but each system can only be added once per GroupTrack Pipeline.
  • You will also need to have a Pipeline with Stages set up in GoHighLevel for new Subscribers to be assigned to when synced. Pipelines in GoHighLevel contain Stages, and Contacts are assigned to Opportunities within these Pipelines and moved through these Stages.
    • If you have a contact in GT that is in "No Stage Set" in your pipeline with an email address, and the integration is properly configured, the contact will sync over to GHL however there will not be an opportunity created in GHL until the contact is assigned to a synced stage.

Options for what gets synced

Group Additions: When Members are added to GroupTrack with an email, they will be synced to GoHighLevel

Info Updates: When you edit a Member's email or phone number, a sync will be initiated to GoHighLevel. This will only apply to new email address additions (see note below).

Tags (2-way): When you add Tags from the "GoHighLevel Tags" Tag Set, these will be synchronized over to GoHighLevel. Also, when you add Tags in GoHighLevel, any Tags that you have selected to sync and are visible in the "GoHighLevel Tags" Tag Set will be written back to GroupTrack for that Contact.

Stages (2-way): Assuming you have imported your GoHighLevel Stages and they are linked, changing the Stage in GroupTrack, or the Opportunity Stage in GoHighLevel will sync the change to the other system.

IMPORTANT: There are a few different ways to set up your integration between GroupTrack and High Level. Before setting up your integration, please review this short video to determine which set up option makes most sense for you and your business:


In the Mirrored Pipelines approached, you'll notice that each stage is an exact mirror between the GroupTrack Pipeline and High Level Pipeline. Transitioning the contact from one 'synced' stage to another 'synced' stage will result in the contact being updated in both systems

Why should you choose this option?

  • You want a simple way to see what is happening with one contact across both systems.
  • You're a solopreneur and will be handling all actions across both platforms.

Why should you NOT choose this option?

  • You only want certain stages to sync
  • You only want contacts to enter into your GHL system after they've gone through certain stages in the GroupTrack Pipelines
  • You work with a large team and only want some team members to see the leads they need to work in High Level and other team members to see the leads they need to work in GroupTrack. Or each of the team members can work in parallel to work leads on two fronts (GHL and GT).

If you choose this MIRRORED Pipelines Option 1, click this link for specific set up instructions.


This hybrid approach offers a nuanced solution, synchronizing select stages between the GroupTrack and High Level Pipelines while maintaining autonomy where necessary.

As you'll notice, certain stages in both the GroupTrack and High Level Pipelines are identical. These stages will be 'synced,' (once set up properly) indicating that any movement of an opportunity (or contact) within one of these stages will automatically reflect in the corresponding stage of the other system, and vice versa. In essence, synchronization ensures seamless alignment between the two pipelines, enhancing efficiency and consistency across your workflow

Why should you choose this option?

When you specifically want to synchronize prospects/contacts with your GroupTrack Pipeline stages at a particular stage in the customer journey. For instance, Community Managers may engage with contacts in the GroupTrack Pipeline, and you may wish for only qualified leads to transition to the High Level Pipeline. This ensures that your setters and sales team focus their efforts on the appropriate individuals

Why should you NOT choose this option?

  • You would prefer to see your contact across both platforms as they move through your pipeline
    • If a contact moves into a stage that is NOT synced in one of the pipelines, you will not see the contact move in the other pipeline until they are placed back into a synced stage.
  • More opportunity for technical errors as this is advanced.

If you choose the the Hybrid Pipeline Option, click here for specific set up instructions:

Once you have decided, please go to the next helpdoc to get specific set up instructions:



Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. If your "GroupTrack CRM Link Custom Field Exists" has an X instead of a checkmark, please reference the article here:
  2. If you have added new stages (or changed stages) in GHL and want those to reflect in GT, please reference the article here:
  3. If you are having trouble setting up your integration or are receiving any errors, please send a ticket to [email protected] with a Loom ( screen recording) showing what's happening, what step of the instructions you're on, what error(s) you're receiving, etc so we can assist.
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