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In this article, we walk you through the process of setting up GT and GHL Pipelines alongside the integration of tags, specifically tailored for those opting for the HYBRID option. This hybrid approach offers a nuanced solution, synchronizing only select stages between the GroupTrack and High Level Pipelines while maintaining autonomy where necessary.

Here is what the HYBRID Option looks like:

As you'll notice, certain stages in both the GroupTrack and Go High Level Pipelines are identical. These stages will be 'synced,' (once set up properly) indicating that any movement of an opportunity (or contact) within one of these stages will automatically reflect in the corresponding stage of the other system, and vice versa. In essence, synchronization ensures seamless alignment between the two pipelines, enhancing efficiency and consistency across your workflow

NOTE: Contacts will ONLY sync between the two systems if the Contacts Email are in both GroupTrack CRM and Go High Level.

Why would you choose this option?

When you specifically want to synchronize prospects/contacts with your GroupTrack Pipeline stages at a particular stage in the customer journey. For instance, Community Managers may engage with contacts in the GroupTrack Pipeline, and you may wish for only qualified leads to transition to a specific stage in Go High Level Pipeline. This ensures that your setters and sales team focus their efforts on the appropriate individuals.

Why would you NOT choose this option?

  • You would prefer to see your contact across both platforms as they move through your pipeline
  • If a contact moves into a stage that is NOT synced in one of the pipelines, you will not see the contact.
  • It is a more advanced lead management technique.

If you think the MIRRORED option makes more sense, exit this help doc and go to the MIRRORED version

Set Up

If you would like to move forward with the HYBRID Method, please follow these steps

In this option, you will create the Pipeline Stages in GroupTrack and in Go High Level. Then you will integrate the two systems and set up the webhook.

These are the steps we will take you through to set up your initial integration .

STEP 1 Prep GroupTrack:

Create Pipeline and Stages in GroupTrack.

Confirm all stages in your GroupTrack CRM pipeline are EXACTLY as you wish!

    • If they are not, adjust them now!
    • Make sure you put a checkmark next to the stage you want all new leads to be automatically set to. This will be important for your GHL automation.

    • If the stages are exactly as you want, move to the next step to prep your GHL.

STEP 2: Prep GHL

  • Create your GHL Pipeline.
  • Create stages in GHL Pipeline
    • Note: The specific stages you WANT TO INTEGRATE MUST BE AN EXACT TEXT MATCH from the stages in your GroupTrack pipeline (copy and paste for best accuracy. SPACES AND CAPITALIZATION MATTER!). For those stages you do NOT wish to sync between the two pipelines, those do not need to be the same. The stages with the boxes (below) indicate that they need to be exact matches because they will sync.

  • Create Tags in GHL
    •  Add tag:
      • Lead_FBGroupName_Joined  (switch out the words "FBgroupname" with the name or initials of your group.
        • Note: If you are using Instagram or do not use a FB group, add tag: Lead_GTPipelineName_Joined

Important note about tags: If you want a GHL tag to show up in GroupTrack, you must create it first in GHL, then follow the integration process.

STEP 3 : Grab two Important Things from GHL

  • While in GHL, copy your API key:
    • Go to settings > Scroll down and find API key. Be careful NOT to hit the "Refresh" icon next to it.

  • While in GHL, copy the dashboard URL:
    • Go back and select 'Dashboard'. Copy the URL once on the Dashboard.

Step 4: Integrate Your GHL with GroupTrack Following the Wizard:

  1. Start by visiting https://App.Grouptrackcrm.Com/Pipelines/Setup
  2. Use the dropdown selector to choose the Pipeline you want to integrate with GHL

  1. Once you have your pipeline selected, click on Integrations in the menu bar on the left

  1. In the Integrations setup screen, click the green button that says "Add New Integration"

  1. Choose Go High Level in the dropdown list
    1. Please Note: You can click the link that says "Information about this Integration" for any selection to get more detail about what you need, where to find it, and what all can be configured to sync for that integration platform.
  2. Paste in your Go High Level API Key from Part 1 above
  3. Paste in your GoHighLevel Dashboard URL from your GHL system as pictured below and from Part 1 above.

  1. Select the stages you want to sync between GT and GHL
    1. Please note: Any stages that match letter for letter will be synced between GHL + GT. You won't lose any data within GT, it is just recognizing that there is a direct match in your GHL system that corresponds to this GT stage. Any additional GT stages that do not match from GHL will be added to the end of your GT pipeline stage list.

This list will ONLY show you the stages that are exact mirrors that you intend to SYNC.

  1. Next it will ask you if you want to sync tags. YES!!! You want to sync at a minimum the GHL tag you created: Lead_FBGroupName_Joined. From this location, make sure you choose your Lead_FBGroupName_Joined tag. Find it on the left, click on the tag, click the button ADD so it ends up in the right hand side box. Once your tag is showing on the right side, click YES, Sync Selected Tag.
    1. Note: If you get the error "No tags found" please refresh.

  1. Sync Emails? Once you get to this section, toggle over to YES, sync contacts with email or phone only. This is vital, as the only contacts that will be synced between the two systems must have an email in the GT side.

  1. Custom Field Link: Press the button that says YES, Confirm Custom Field Now

  1. Next it will ask you what you want to sync: Please put a checkmark next to all options. Press Save Integration

  1. Next you will see a POP up on your screen. This will take you to the next required step of creating your Webhook Trigger! See instructions GoHighLevel Webhooks.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. If your "GroupTrack CRM Link Custom Field Exists" has an X instead of a checkmark, please reference the article here:
  2. If you have added new stages (or changed stages) in GHL and want those to reflect in GT, please reference the article here:
  3. If you are having trouble setting up your integration or are receiving any errors, please send a ticket to [email protected] with a Loom ( screen recording) showing what's happening, what step of the instructions you're on, what error(s) you're receiving, etc so we can assist.
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