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In this article, we'll walk you through how to set up your GroupTrack webhook in a GoHighLevel automation. This automation will allow your GoHighLevel to talk to GroupTrack. This webhook is set up is what enables 2-way syncing of Tags, Stages, and Opportunities, allowing updates in either system to be reflected in the other automatically.


  1. You must complete the initial integration steps:
    1. Integrations | Go High Level (GHL)
    2. MIRRORED PIPELINES https://help.grouptrackcrm.com/article/397-gt-hl-mirrored-pipelines OR HYBRID PIPELINES: https://help.grouptrackcrm.com/article/398-high-level-ghl-hybrid-set-up
  2. Only stages that are synced in the GroupTrack integration setup will be synced
  3. In order for Tags to sync, you must have selected the specific Tags to be synchronized on GroupTrack's integration.

Important Knowledge Before You Get Started:

  • Each Integration setup is associated with a specific Pipeline in GroupTrack that is linked to 1 and only 1 pipeline in Go High Level.
  • You can set up multiple 3rd party Integration for each GroupTrack Pipeline, but each system can only be added once per GroupTrack Pipeline.
  • You will also need to have a Pipeline with Stages set up in GoHighLevel for new Subscribers to be assigned to when synced. Pipelines in GoHighLevel contain Stages, and Contacts are assigned to Opportunities within these Pipelines and moved through these Stages.
    • If you have a contact in GT that is in "No Stage Set" in your pipeline with an email address, and the integration is properly configured, the contact will sync over to GHL however there will not be an opportunity created in GHL until the contact is assigned to a synced stage.

Create Your GoHighLevel Automation With Your GroupTrack Webhook

In this video, you will learn how to set up Webhook Triggers in GoHighLevel to send data to GroupTrack whenever you update a Stage or Tags for a Contact.

  1. Go to your GHL and click on 'Workflows'
    1. Note: Your GHL might have the term 'Automations' or 'Opportunities' instead of 'Workflows'

  1. Click through this step by step instructions for how to set up the webhook in a new workflow.
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