GoHighLevel Webhooks

GroupTrack CRM allows 2-way Stage and Tag synchronization with certain external systems, including GoHighLevel. In this video, you will learn how to set up Webhook Triggers in GoHighLevel to send data to GroupTrack whenever you update a Stage or Tags for a Contact.

New Video (uses GoHighLevel Automation Workflows):

Step 1 Walk through: Creating Pipelines in GoHighLevel to exactly match GroupTrack CRM Pipelines

Step 2 Walk through: Creating GoHighLevel GroupTrack Integration


  1. In order for Stages to sync, you must have imported the GoHighLevel Pipeline Stages when setting up the Integration (see Step 1).
  2. In order for Tags to sync, you must have selected the specific Tags to be synchronized on GroupTrack's side. You can do this during the Integration setup, and at any time by clicking the "Re-Sync GoHighLevel Tags" button in the Integration details panel for your Group.
  3. Inside your workflow settings, always make sure that you have toggled on "allow multiple"

Old Video (uses GoHighLevel Triggers which have been phased out):

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