Training: How to Use GroupTrack in Messenger

Ready to take your DM management to the next level? Add contacts to your CRM directly from Messenger!


1. You'll want to first install the Chrome Extension and get signed in: Set Up: Install The Chrome Extension

2. Then, open up your Messenger by either going to or (As a note, GroupTrack can only be used in these full-featured versions of Facebook Messenger. It will not attach to messages in the pop-up preview of your inbox that is viewable by clicking on the Messenger bubble in the top right corner of your Facebook window. You will need to click "See All in Messenger" in order to use GroupTrack, which will load one of the links above)

3. Within your Messenger, you will see GroupTrack begin attaching to your conversations. You can either click on a conversation to load it into the sidebar and add the contact to GroupTrack from there, or simply by clicking the "Add to GroupTrack" button on the conversation itself on the left hand inbox list as pictured below:

If GroupTrack does not attach to your Messenger conversations, please be sure you are in the full version of Messenger (see step 2) and try refreshing. If you still can't get things to work properly, please submit a ticket for assistance to the Helpdesk thru your webapp or by sending an email to [email protected] with a Loom screen recording of what you're seeing so we can assist.

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